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‘This is Maxine Waters’ America’: Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens Speak out About Breakfast Attack

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens sat down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity to discuss the political climate that encouraged Antifa members to assault them while they ate breakfast.

Owens caught most of the attack on video and posted the clips to Twitter.

In their sit down with Hannity, the two young conservatives discussed the growing political hostility, calling it “Maxine Waters’ America.”


Hannity: Pam Bondi, Sec. Nielsen, Sarah Sanders, Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, a 12-year-old kid Barron Trump, a four-year-old granddaughter Chloe Trump. The media talks about them because they say ‘you suck’ but you actually got physically assaulted.


Kirk: We were just having a quiet breakfast and they mobilized in 20 or 30 minutes, at least 50 of them. They came into the restaurant and started calling Candace a Nazi, which I can’t quite figure out how on earth they came to that conclusion.

Owens faced many racial attacks, as did the predominately non-white police who showed up at the scene. The officers and Owens were called “race traitors” and heard chants accusing all police of being racists.

“This is what you would expect of the Civil Rights era if a black woman was dining at a restaurant,” said Owens.

Hannity: It seems like race comes up a lot because you happen to be conservative and you happen to be an African American.


Owens: Liberals think they own blacks, still. They believe there is something proprietary about being black in this country and if you deviate from the way they want you to think and the way they want you to act, they grow violent.

Owens also claimed these attacks by the Antifa are regular occurrences, but this one was “unique” because the two were not at an event or campus. They were just eating breakfast. Kirk added that the two chose to stay at the restaurant, despite the looming assault.

Kirk: We don’t want to play the victim card here. That’s what the left does all the time. But this is a warning. This was called on by Maxine Waters.

Hannity: ‘Get in their face.’ Get in their face in grocery stores, in the mall if I remember correctly.

Owens: And in restaurants. This is Maxine Waters’ America and we felt this was an important moment to show America exactly what we are fighting.

Hannity and Owens also discussed the recent violence in Chicago over the weekend.

“If these were illegal alien children that were gunned down,” said Owens. “If these were illegal alien children that were now separated from their fathers, [Democrats] would be outraged.”

Although this assault was unfortunate, Kirk and Owens believe they are changing things, pointing to a Rasmussen poll that found young blacks think they are better off under President Donald Trump than former President Barack Obama.

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