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Tim Allen Sends Releases Raw Unfiltered To Response To ABC Cancellation… Let’s Show Him Our Support

The entertainment industry and major networks have been taking a staunchly liberal approach to the shows they put out for years now. Apparently, they don’t seem to realize that half of the country does not agree with the liberal point of view.

One of the only shows conservatives could enjoy was Last Man Standing, starring Trump-supporting actor and comedian Tim Allen. Earlier this month, ABC made the controversial decision to cancel the show, despite the fact that it had very high ratings.

Now, Allen is finally speaking out on the matter.

“Stunned and blindsided by the network I called home for the last six years,” Allen wrote on Twitter earlier this week.

Last Man Standing reportedly had the second highest ratings of all of ABC’s sitcoms. It got 8.1 million viewers, just behind the 8.7 million Modern Family received—and that show just got renewed for another two years.

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