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TRUMP WAS RIGHT: FBI Raids Muslim Man’s Home, Finds BONE-CHILLING Item

The threat from Islamic Extremists is real. We have witnessed tragedy in England twice in the past week alone, and now it is even closer to home.

Investigators discovered that a man named Samer El Debek was giving money as well as material support to a terrorist group. He also received training from terrorists when he was over in Lebanon, according to Dennis Michael Lynch. An FBI raid was executed on his duplex, and an unusual supply of high-powered Shot Grizzly fireworks were discovered hidden in the garage.

FBI Investigators seized a massive amount of information from the home, and it is currently being picked apart and analyzed. As of right now, we know that cell phones, laptops, and identification documents are currently being processed. Our big question is: WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?

You would think that if there were talk of finding someone with terrorist ties owning things that could cause explosive damage, the media would be all over the story. Instead, the media is sticking their head in the sand.

We bet that the left-wing media knew about this story the SECOND it launched, but chose to ignore it because reporting on it would go against their pro-Muslim agenda!

The world we are living in is sick. Instead of admitting there is a problem with Islamic terrorism, the media coddles these violent people and tells them that we are all “ignorant” for recognizing an obvious truth.

You CANNOT respect an ideology that supports child marriage, abusing women, and KILLING people who do not agree with you. Children, women, and PEOPLE, in general, DO NOT deserve to live under these conditions.

If, God Forbid, a major terrorist bombing was to happen here, such as it did in Manchester, how would the media react? They wouldn’t have a choice but to admit the truth.

One thing is clear: El Debek was planning something big. There is no reason for him to have such a stockpile of high-powered fireworks in his garage. The argument could be made that it is close to July, but that does not explain why they were hidden in a garage. They could easily have been ruined, so that excuse doesn’t make sense. There is more to this story than we know.

Personally, we cannot wait for the investigation to come back and prove what we already know. He was planning an attack, but the FBI snatched him off the streets before he had a chance to act. He does not deserve to be here if he is going to endanger the people of this country.

It is odd. All of the terrorists want to come here, but they do not want to respect our values. They all want to get here so they can bring harm to us, our family, and our friends. We are, after all, “infidels” in their eyes.

Just because the liberal media is complacent doesn’t mean that the FBI feels that way. The FBI agents did their jobs like professionals and got another deadly man off the streets.

What do you think about this comment below.

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  1. Vera

    June 7, 2017 at 1:37 pm

    I for 1 wants a safe America. Get them all

  2. Geri

    June 7, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    So thankful they found him. When will they wake up. They all have family so what is their reasoning???? Hopefully because we have a President who cares more of these Terriorist will be located and the Ban the President is working on will put into place.

  3. Albert John

    June 7, 2017 at 2:19 pm

    Why don’t you date your news articles? No date – fake news!

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