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TRUMP WAS RIGHT! James Comey Just Got Terrible News That Has Him Hiding His Face In Shame

The Left hates it when Donald Trump is right, especially when it dismantles their conspiracy theories.

We finally have evidence that the FBI, operating under the Obama administration, used cheap tactics to spy on Trump. The FBI relied on the fake Trump dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to monitor Trump and his associate Carter Page.

Patriots, this is either an egregious mistake made by the FBI, or something more sinister. If the FBI really used this Trump dossier to obtain a FISA warrant, then someone needs to get fired, because that is a shameful mistake. We have the brightest law enforcement of any modern country, so the truth is probably that the Obama administration planted this phony dossier just to obtain a FISA warrant.

Obama and his liberal cronies should be put in jail for this. How are they still walking around free? This is worse than the Watergate scandal that the Left loves to bring up.

There is a pretty funny joke embedded within this story of corruption. The Obama administration and the Clinton team acted so confident that they would win the election, so why did they even need to spy on Trump? That just shows that the Left can’t even be honest with themselves.

The mainstream media will not report this story, and we know why; they do not want to stain the image of their beloved dictator, Obama. We need to hold the media accountable.

The Left media hates to acknowledge that their fellow liberals are thieves and liars. We should not be surprised that this story isn’t the main headline today.

Thankfully, we have President Trump to tackle the Left. The Democrats will use any cheap tactic to undermine our current president. The Democrats and the establishment RINOs have been on a rampage since before former President Bush. They must be really scared of Trump.

Donald Trump is going to drain the swamp, and there is nothing that the RINOs and their media friends can do about it. We need to stand by our president. We need to encourage Trump to go after Obama and the Clinton family. We need to punish these corrupt politicians for their crimes. Every day these corrupt liberals breathe free air is another day that the American people suffer.

We cannot continue to set such dangerous precedents. We must hold these politicians accountable for their crimes against our great nation. It is time to put an end to corruption. We need to support Trump as he makes America great again!

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  1. Russ Port

    April 19, 2017 at 10:45 pm

    We need to hold the Media and Obama accountable for this activity.

  2. Mary Ann

    April 20, 2017 at 4:46 pm

    A phony ‘dossier’ to create a phony crime, to start a phony investigation. Smearing is what it is.

  3. Carol Distiso

    April 21, 2017 at 2:45 am

    when are we as Americans going to stand up for president Trump it’s time that we stood on a two feet and put on a big boy pants America needs to wake up

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Last week, reports indicated Stefan Halper, a Cambridge professor and longtime aide to some of Washington’s most powerful figures, was outed as an FBI informant planted inside Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. The New York Post writes: Halper made his first overture when he met with Page at a British symposium. The two remained in regular contact for more than a year, meeting at Halper’s Virginia farm and in Washington, DC, as well as exchanging emails. The professor met with Trump campaign co-chair Sam Clovis in late August, offering his services as a foreign-policy adviser, The Washington Post reported Friday, without naming the academic. … Days later, Halper contacted Papadopoulos by e-mail. The professor offered the young and inexperienced campaign aide $3,000 and an all-expenses-paid trip to London, ostensibly to write a paper about energy in the eastern Mediterranean region. Here are a few fast facts about Halper’s history in politics. Got His Start in Nixon/Ford Years The Stanford and Oxford-educated Halper started his career in government in 1971 as a member of President Richard Nixon’s Domestic Policy Council. The foreign policy expert served as the Office of Management and Budget’s Assistant Director of Management and Evaluation Division between 1973-1974. Halper then served as an assistant to all three of President Gerald Ford’s Chief of Staffs — Alexander Haig, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney — until 1977. Accused of Leading a Spy Ring Inside Jimmy Carter’s Presidential Campaign The Reagan-Bush presidential campaign hired Halper to serve as Director of Policy Coordination in 1980 and would later be embroiled in the Debategate affair, a scandal in which CIA operatives were accused of leaking the Carter campaign’s foreign policy positions to the Republican ticket. The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald reports: Four decades ago, Halper was responsible for a long-forgotten spying scandal involving the 1980 election, in which the Reagan campaign – using CIA officials managed by Halper, reportedly under the direction of former CIA Director and then-Vice-Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush – got caught running a spying operation from inside the Carter administration. The plot involved CIA operatives passing classified information about Carter’s foreign policy to Reagan campaign officials in order to ensure the Reagan campaign knew of any foreign policy decisions that Carter was considering. Halper also worked as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs during President Ronald Reagan’s first term. Had a Stint as a Bank Executive In 1984, Halper was chairman of three financial institutions — National Bank of Northern Virginia, Palmer National Bank, and George Washington National Bank. White House official Oliver North wired loaned funds from the Palmer National Bank to a Swiss bank account, which were later used to aid the contras. Believed Hillary Clinton Would Be a Better Steward for U.S.-UK Relations In March 2016, Halper told Russia’s Sputnik News that he believed then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton would prove to be a steadier hand in preserving the “special relationship” enjoyed by the United States and Britain. “I believe Clinton would be best for US-UK relations and for relations with the European Union. Clinton is well-known, deeply experienced and predictable. US-UK relations will remain steady regardless of the winner although Clinton will be less disruptive over time,” Halper said.

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