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After Trump Tweeted THIS For Saudi Arabia, LOOK What The Saudi King Did Next…

A tweet of President Trump’s is being displayed on a billboard in downtown Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during Trump’s visit to the country.

A Bloomberg TV reporter tweeted a photo of the billboard in Riyadh.

The tweet being displayed was Trump’s first tweet sent during his trip to Saudi Arabia.

Trump’s first day in Saudi Arabia has been a busy beginning to his nine-day trip to five countries. Leaders of the two countries signed a $110 billion dollar arms deal that would see the U.S. selling Saudi Arabia tanks, helicopters and a THAAD antimissile system.
“Hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs,” Trump said after signing the deal. “That was a tremendous day. Tremendous investments in the United States.”

Saudi Arabia has pulled out all the stops for Trump’s visit to the country, planning a concert from country singer Toby Keith and holding a conference Sunday where Trump will deliver a major speech on Islam.

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1 Comment

  1. Norma Cruz

    May 21, 2017 at 3:26 am

    The advertisement about Viagara and with the Finger Gross me out. I can’t stand that advertisement. Can you block it out from my Facebook page. Thank you.

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