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Trump Tweets 15 Posters Seeking Info On Specific Suspects Allegedly Involved In Destroying Statues

President Donald Trump posted 15 separate tweets on Saturday evening that featured posters seeking information on 15 different suspects who were allegedly involved in trying to take down the statue of former President Andrew Jackson last week.

All of the posters included the following statement:

The United States Park Police, in conjunction with the FBI Washington Field Office’s Violent Crimes Task Force, is attempting to identify several individuals who are responsible for vandalizing federal property at Lafayette Square in Washington, DC.

On June 22, 2020, at approximately 7:00 p.m., a group of individuals vandalized the Andrew Jackson statue at Lafayette Square, at Pennsylvania Ave NW & 16th Street Northwest. The US Park Police and FBI are attempting to identify the individuals responsible for Destruction of Property and other related crimes.

If you have any information concerning this individual or these incidents, please contact the US Park Police Criminal Investigations Branch- Major Crimes Unit via the anonymous Tip Line at (202)-610-8737, [email protected], or the case detective at (202)-610-8731 reference the bulletin number listed below. You may also contact the FBl’s Washington Field Office at (202) 278-2000.

This bulletin does not constitute probable cause to arrest.

Trump tweeted on Sunday morning: “Since imposing a very powerful 10 year prison sentence on those that Vandalize Monuments, Statues etc., with many people being arrested all over our Country, the Vandalism has completely stopped. Thank you!”

Below are the tweets posted by the president seeking information on the suspects:

The extremists who attempted to take down the statue of Jackson allegedly did so after other extremists around the country managed to destroy statues of of former Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ulysses S. Grant.

Trump signed an executive order last week to protect monuments and statues across the country.

The White House released the following bullet points on actions that the administration was taking to combat the destruction of America’s statues and monuments:

.President Trump has signed an Executive Order that ensures that any person or group that destroys or vandalizes a monument, memorial, or statue is prosecuted to the fullest extent.
.United States law authorizes a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment for the willful injury of Federal property.
.The Executive Order also directs that those who incite violence and illegal activity are prosecuted to the fullest extent under the law.
.State and local law enforcement agencies that fail to protect monuments, memorials, and statues will be subject to the withholding of Federal support.
.The Attorney General will take all appropriate action against individuals and organizations found to have participated in unlawful acts—related to rioting and the destruction of Federal property.
.The Federal Government will ensure personnel are available across the Nation to assist with the protection of Federal monuments, memorials, statues, and property.

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