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Videos Show Violent Protesters Ganging Up On and Knocking Out Lone Victims In Streets

A recurring theme emerged at protests over the weekend: Namely that when you’re safely part of large group out for blood, pulverizing lone victims is like taking candy from a baby.

Three examples were caught on video — and some of the victims apparently were guilty of merely speaking out of turn.

In Portland, a man brought an American flag to a protest, and he soon was confronted and punched in the face by one of the protesters.

The clip published Sunday shows the mob converging around the man with the flag, who apparently never let go of it amid the melee.

But the man with the flag isn’t even one of the victims we’re counting here. See, another guy in light blue clothing rushed up to help defend him and appeared to punch one of the attackers:

Seconds later the mob turned on the defending man and chased him down the street.

Here’s the video — but keep reading below for Part Two. (Content warning: Language):

‘Who the f*** are you runnin’ your mouth like that, man?’
In a separate video, a few protesters could be seen catching up with the defending man and knocking him down (and out) on the street. But that wasn’t good enough for one of them, who kicked him in the head while he was motionless — and then bravely ran away.

A pair of female protesters kindly attended to the man, but there was a bit of a price to pay — one of them wasn’t leaving without giving him a left-wing lecture and pointing a finger in his face: “You know this is the difference between us. We’re helping you, alright? Do not protest against black lives. And guess what? We’re showing up for you, even though you’ve been terrible to people.”

A closeup shot of the street surface showed a tooth amid the puddle of blood from the man’s face:

Here’s the second clip. (Content warning: Language):

In our next installment, a video shows a group of protesters riding in — and on top of — a car in what appears to be Southern California.

As the car crosses the intersection, one of the onlookers bellows out a “f*** you!” presumably directed at the protesters.

The clip then focuses on a man sitting on a bicycle on the sidewalk — and he raises his arms sideways at them, clearly a provocative gesture.

Some commentary on Twitter accuses the man of using the N-word, but a close listen to the clip’s audio doesn’t seem to support that — and there’s certainly no collective outrage one would expect upon hearing that word uttered in public.

With that, the a number of protesters get off the car and approach the man on the bike — and one of them punches him.

He attempts to retreat down the sidewalk, but he’s quickly punched again — and this time knocked out, slumped motionless for several seconds against a building wall before a pair of people try helping him up.

Here’s the clip. (Content warning: Language):

‘He’s calling police! Somebody get him!’

And that brings us to our final video, described as coming out of Columbia, South Carolina. The Twitter post indicates that a restaurant general manager was physically attacked.

In the video, a man can be heard yelling, “He’s calling police! Somebody get him!”

With that a group converges around the man, and one person comes up and punches him in the face, knocking him to the sidewalk.

The group proceeds to attack the man while he’s apparently out cold on the ground. (Content warning: Language):

The reported location appears to be accurate, as the vantage point in the beginning of the clip matches a screenshot of video posted by The State newspaper showing three parked police cars — two of them on fire — in the background Saturday:

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