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WALSH: Democrats Who Won’t Condemn Left-Wing Violence Don’t Have The Temperament For Office

Somewhat lost in the Kavanaugh news this weekend was another violent Antifa outburst. Of course there is no need to qualify with the word “violent” when discussing Antifa, as violence is the group’s whole point and its only method of communication.

This time, masked thugs shut down an intersection, blocked traffic, and physically threatened motorists who tried to pass through. At one point, they chased down an elderly man and beat his vehicle with batons while screaming obscenities at him. Police were nowhere to be seen. It appears that law enforcement decided to give the domestic terror group free rein for the afternoon.

Meanwhile, protestors in Washington D.C. were being arrested as they tried to disrupt the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation vote. Others were seen maniacally banging against the doors of the Supreme Court and accosting an elderly counter protestor. And all of this happened only a few days after Senator Ted Cruz was chased out of a restaurant by a swarming mob of unhinged harassers. These have become familiar scenes in modern America. Leftist “protests” and demonstrations have a habit of devolving into harassment and violence.

It would be too generous to accuse Democratic politicians of mere silence in the face of all this. Many of them have not been silent at all; they have been standing and cheering the chaos. Congresswoman Maxine Waters infamously encouraged her supporters to “create a crowd,” confront Republicans, and “tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Senator Mazie Hirono was asked on CNN whether it is “going too far” to “run [Republican] senators out of restaurants, go to their homes.” She declined to discourage such behavior, saying that liberal voters are “very motivated.”

Today, Hillary Clinton all but explicitly called for more violence when she said that “you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for.” Rather than douse the flame, Clinton chose to pour gasoline on it.

This has been the Democrat approach for years now. They intentionally fomented the unrest and spread the misinformation that lead to riots in Ferguson and Baltimore. Now they’re basically giving their blessing to the targeted harassment (or worse) of Republican lawmakers.

This should go without saying, but I will say it anyway. Politicians who will not loudly and convincingly condemn rioting, harassment, intimidation tactics, and violence, are not fit for office. Borrowing a certain popular expression, you might say that Democrats who encourage the chaos, or who nod in silent approval, do not have the temperament for political office. They are far too vengeful, reckless, and emotionally unstable to hold such important positions.

It is one thing to have a Supreme Court Justice who gets angry when you accuse him of rape. It’s another to have a major political party led by people who unapologetically incite violence against their opponents.

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Ripping the “bozos” on the left who want open borders no matter what the cost, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro called for swift, decisive action to turn back a caravan of migrants that is moving northward through Mexico toward America’s porous southern border. Pirro, who hosts the Fox News show “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” not only backed up President Donald Trump’s calls for troops to guard the border if Mexico refuses to stop the migrants, but called for that action to be taken “immediately” due to the security crisis the caravan represents. Pirro delivered the remarks in the “Opening Statement” portion of her show. Pirro said anyone crossing into the United States illegally should expect to be treated like a lawbreaker. “When you cross the border into these United States illegally, expect to be arrested,” she said. “You do not have the right to come here. We did not invite you here. You cannot stay here. And on your way out, you can tell the Democrats, George Soros and the angry mob that’s coming here, you either come the right way like everyone else or be ready to face the military and a one-way ticket back to where you came from.” Pirro noted that only Central American migrants believe they deserve automatic entry into the U.S. “Why? Because they can. Because no one has told them they can’t. Because no one has stopped them,” she said, suggesting that if Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador won’t stop the floods of migrants coming north, Congress should stop sending foreign aid heading south. Pirro said the compassion card has been played to death. “I am sick and tired of people telling us to have a heart,” she said. “We have a heart. We are the most generous country in the world.” It is time Americans realized the nation’s security is at stake, she said. “Right now is a very dangerous time for Americans,” Pirro said. “Border control is essential to your safety and the safety of your family. The military, the National Guard, ICE, Border Patrol and DHS needs to block this caravan from entering our nation. “They break our laws to come here. They are not entitled to be here. This is not a left or right issue — this is a security issue. A safety issue. We simply cannot have people about whom we know nothing living next door to us, working next to us or driving next to us.” Pirro said that just because migrants say they are hard-working people fleeing poverty does not mean those statements are true. America needs to learn who the people are who want to enter the country, she said. “What I am saying is I want to vet them, screen them,” she said. “I want to find out who among them is a criminal, who among them is a gang member like the notorious MS-13 gang members who arrogantly rode into our country during the Obama years and they are in New York and elsewhere brutally and savagely murdering innocent American citizens. “And if you can prove you are not a criminal, I want to know what you have to offer us. What do you bring to this great nation? What are you going contribute … other than adding to the Democrats’ voting bloc and continuing the mob mentality that you already exhibited you are proficient at,” she added. Pirro said it is wrong to scurry about in an effort to meet the self-generated needs of illegal immigrants while there are immigrants waiting patiently in line for legal entry. “Now, if you are not a criminal, I want you to get to the back of the line behind everyone else who waited for a visa, came here legally, hired a lawyer, learned American history and swore allegiance to this great nation. And only then am I interested in even talking to you about entering,” she said. Enough is enough, Pirro added. “I, for one, am sick and tired of the sense of entitlement that illegals have to enter this country then immediately claim their constitutional rights as they carry the flags, not of America, but the flags of their country. And God forbid if we try to deport them to the flag of the country they so proudly wave,” she said.

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