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Want to See Commitment? Take a Look at the Long Lines Voters Are Braving Across the Country

It’s midterm election day in the United States and across the country, people have been getting in line at their polling places to cast their vote — and for some, those lines are really long.

Several people took to social media to show the long lines forming at polling centers. While some were annoyed by the lines, most voters were excited to see democracy in action as they cast their votes.

A massive weather pattern left many east coast voters waiting in puddles, but most voters weren’t deterred by the rain.

There are several high profile races across the country where seats could flip from Republican control to Democratic control, or vice versa. In states like Texas and Missouri, voters have faced two hour wait times.

Even some celebrities, like “Hamilton” star Lin Manuel Miranda, had to wait in long lines to cast their votes.

While some of the lines formed naturally because of voter patterns, other lines formed because of malfunctioning voter equipment. In Atlanta, Georgia, one polling place had all but three voting machines down, causing a pile-up of hundreds of voters.

Although the lines can be discouraging, most states allow voters to cast their votes after polls close as long as they stay in line. Many people have been encouraging their fellow Americans to stay in line.

While these pictures may make it seem like voter turnout is up, those exact numbers will not be clear until the polls close.

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