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WATCH – Bill O’Reilly Exposes TREASON on National TV [VIDEO HERE]

All I know is it is about time someone finally brought this out into the open so the American people know the truth!

WikiLeaks recently released a new series of documents that reveal specific methods of information gathering used by the CIA. The leak of information occurred while Obama was president, and it will likely undermine our ability to intercept enemy communications. If the documents were leaked by a CIA employee, he or she committed an act of treason.

Over 9,000 documents were leaked from the Center of Cyber Intelligence, a division of the CIA. Revealing how the CIA operates completely undermines its effectiveness.

Since Trump took office, anti-Trump elements within the intelligence community have sought to undermine the president by repeatedly leaking classified information to the press. This included private conversations between Trump and the leaders of foreign nations.

Many of the employees in the intelligence community were installed by Obama, so they have likely been told to commit this treason in an attempt to discredit President Trump. In typical fashion, the Democrats’ operatives are undermining the prosperity and national security of our country for petty political points.

The Democrats would rather watch our nation fail than allow Trump to make America great again. Clearly, these people do not care about Americans, only their own power and money.

“America is the most sophisticated country in the world, but we can’t protect the private conversations of our leader, our intel secrets, and our counter-terrorism measures,” Bill O’Reilly explains. The situation is just unbelievable. We have to be able to defend our nation.

The Democrats’ response has been underwhelming. This horrendous act of treason should unite politicians across the aisle as they attempt to discover how the leaks occurred and how to best ensure they do not happen again. Instead, the Democrats are accusing President Trump of hypocrisy. They say Trump appeared to condone WikiLeaks’ actions during the campaign after John Podesta’s emails were leaked.

The two situations could not be more different. In the summer, WikiLeaks released information that was held on Podesta’s PRIVATE email account. The emails revealed how a PRIVATE citizen was attempting to undermine our country’s electoral process. This new leak, however, reveals classified information from the CIA, undermining the effectiveness of counter-terrorism measures. It should be obvious to everyone that divulging U.S. military secrets is not comparable to divulging Podesta’s risotto recipes.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

Democrats, now is the time to cease your childish antics and to start working with our new president. This is not a silly game — our national security is at stake.

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