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WATCH: Chuck Grassley OBLITERATES Lying Dems With Brutal Tongue-Lashing

One of the most widely debated topics of the past years has been the notion of Trump and the Russians working together. WE know that it’s all just a bunch of hot air, and the Left has yet to show a SINGLE scrap of evidence.

Sen. Chuck Grassley finally said “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,” and began to speak freely against the lying left. By the time he was finished with them, the left was pretty much speechless. Grassley judged them HARSHLY — as they should have been judged — for KNOWING that Trump is not under investigation, but pushing their left-wing agendas.

The Senator spoke at length about how some of his co-workers were acting. He claims Trump should not pick someone for the Supreme Court while he’s under investigation — despite knowing that Trump was not, and never has been, under investigation.

Grassley noted that this only adds fuel to the fire for the already-psychotic media, who are plagued with major lying issues. It is a fair point to make, especially if you’ve tuned into any liberal mainstream channels recently.

Even though the election has come and gone, the media STILL won’t quit talking about how Trump and Russia MUST be connected, despite no evidence being available. The ONLY reason the left keep bringing this stuff up, is to help further their agenda and fantasy of getting Trump impeached — NOT going to happen!

Grassley isn’t suggesting there’s something similar going on with the Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The Left will go out of their way to attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them, and it’s SICK.

The political balance in our country is all over the place. Liberals REFUSE to have any kind of discussion that might get us out of this rut, and Grassley is a hero for calling them out on their nonsense.

We need more people who are willing to step up, and let the left know that we’re onto their childish games, and there’s nothing they can do about it. We need to put a stop to all of the lies if we plan on making America GREAT again. President Trump is aware of the corruption in the different government offices, and is slowly weeding it out.

As we continue to get rid of the troublemakers, we’ll see a dramatic shift in the political spectrum. People are going to start listening to one another and working together. The left has been trying to obstruct us for SO long, even other liberals are annoyed by it.

When your own political party turns on you, it might be time to rethink your plan. The media are going to continue to bombard Trump with bad press, but at this point, we ALL know that they are following orders and FAR from their “news agency” that they CLAIM to represent!

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