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WATCH: College Student Confronts Elizabeth Warren, Calls Her “LIAR” To Her Face

It is nice to see a college student with a spine. We need more brave college students.

A courageous college student took to social media to expose Warren’s insanity. He posted a video calling out Elizabeth Warren for lying about her ethnicity in order to receive a scholarship. He hilariously exclaims the truth, and Warren cowers away in typical progressive fashion.

“Pocahontas” embarrassed herself once again. She was caught on video being called-out for what she is, a liar. In the video, the student stands next to her and asks how she feels about losing to Trump. Warren retorts, “We’re not going to lose to Trump.” The student exclaims, “Oh, Really!” and continues to point out that Warren lied about her ethnicity to get a scholarship. (via American Lookout)

As the boy makes himself clear, Warren walks away and refuses to acknowledge his statements. The boy repeats himself, and “Pocahontas” herself continues to scurry away as if the interaction never happened.

Let’s face it, Elizabeth Warren was probably late to a tribute of Mother Earth ceremony. She had to run back to her teepee to grab her traditional garb and perform a rain dance on the way. Or, she was undeniably embarrassed for being put in her place by a student. We assume the latter.

Warren has given the media countless accounts of how she’s presumed to have Indigenous blood. At first, she reported that she had no idea why or how she was even listed as a minority at Harvard. After this came the inconsistent “truths” about her Native roots.

Warren once claimed that her Aunt Bea talked about her grandfather’s “high cheekbones,” and noted that there was family tension surrounding the issue. Disapproval on her father’s side of her mother’s “part Cherokee and Delaware bloodline” was enough for her. Wow, this sounds utterly convincing… (via Daily Wire)

“Pocahontas,” you truly are a dignified genealogist. Basing your identity on strictly physical characteristics, and unreliable family troths, is exactly what we don’t want elected representatives doing.

Twila Barnes, an actual genealogist, did her research and discovered the underlying truth in the case of Warren’s Aunt Bea. She found out that “Aunt Bea” was listed as white on her death certificate, not Native American. (via Daily Wire)

Enough with this nonsense, Warren. You’ve been found out numerous times already. Please, just admit you are a liar.

It’s pathetic that she lied, and Warren’s own base ignores the truth. The mainstream media will go to great lengths to defend Warren.

This student destroyed Elizabeth Warren’s self-proclaimed forthrightness. He did what we wish we all could do, and he did it in seconds.

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