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WATCH: High School Students HARSHLY SUSPENDED Just For Showing Support For President Of United States

If you’re a conservative student within a progressive academic bubble, there’s a valuable lesson to be learned by this brief video. In that progressives seldom play fair and will always shut down any discourse that runs counter to their liberal biases, and once you’re aware of that reality, join others in dealing with progressive dogma, remember there’s strength in numbers

This incident at a Grand Rapids, Michigan high school, is simply an example of what is taking place in many public schools across the nation. Teachers pushing a political agenda and encouraging students they agree with to demonstrate publicly their pro-sanctuary position while shutting down those students with opposing views, and actually going to the extreme of suspending students.

The brief video captures a teacher “rushing over to stop” the 4-students holding paper signs stating “Trump” and “Build the Wall” in front of the banner which read “Immigrants are a Blessing Not a Burden.”


As stated there’s strength in numbers, and remarkably a quarter of the student population has been suspended after they staged a counter-demonstration against the school’s public pro-immigration stand.

Superintendent Thomas DeJonge attempted to explain away the incident by suggesting that students were suspended because they were disrespecting their fellow students, stating the students “became verbally aggressive and made insensitive comments toward other students.”

He continued; “To be clear, the students were not disciplined because of having expressed their political viewpoint…really?

H/T Usherald

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Joellen

    March 17, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    So they was doing a peaceful photo shoot and stopped but libs can burn schools bust windows tear up campuses and they get nothing.Our freaking schools and country are a mess with morons racist communist running our schools it’s disgusting and I would cut all funding off.

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