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WATCH: Man’s Face Bloodied After Being Violently Forced Off Overbooked Flight – Airline DEMANDED He Make Room For…

It would seem by this disturbing video that when you “book a flight” with UNITED AIRLINES and they take your money, you, in fact, may not have actually “booked a flight” and security may actually drag you off the plane although you’re sitting in the seat you assumed you purchased.


Apparently not if you’re the scam artists within the airline industry that continually “overbook flights.”

No doubt this troubling video posted on Facebook late Sunday evening showing a passenger being “man-handled” by security guards should make a wonderful nationwide ad campaign to fly UNITED.

The video posted by passenger Audra Bridges Sunday evening around 7:30 p.m. captures three burly men apparently security guards confronting a seated passenger, and demanding he relinquish his seat that he had obviously paid for, and he apparently refuses, which sets into motion a physical confrontation as the three security guards suddenly grab the man who screams perhaps in pain, and then forcibly force him to the floor as passengers suddenly begin to react towards the security guards thuggish assault on the passenger, dragging him by the arms towards the front of the plane, suddenly the video ends.

The 31-second video will no doubt become evidence of what exactly took place at O’Hare International Airport on board United flight 3411, from Chicago to Louisville, just before take off.


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