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WATCH: Stanford Student Caught Trying To Steal Pro-Life Student’s Display

Last week, a student from Stanford stole flowers from a pro-life display put up by the school’s Students for Life club and the College Republicans.

The display was a “cemetery of innocents” that, according to the Students for Life of America’s website, “shows the magnitude of lives affected by abortion, in a gentle and peaceful way of informing your campus of why it’s important to stand for life.”

“Sometimes our peers just don’t understand the extent of lives taken by abortion each day,” the website adds. “It’s our job to remind them!”

The student stole several flowers, and when confronted, initially downplayed the theft and refused to return them in an exchange with club members and the Students for Life of America’s regional coordinator Anna Bakh.

After students threatened to call security, the student said it wasn’t a big deal, especially since they were for a pro-life display.

“It’s as simple as just putting it in [the box],” Bakh said, encouraging the student to return the flowers.

“I understand,” said the student. “It’s also as simple as taking those down and respecting people’s choices, being a decent human being.”

“Also respecting other people’s opinions and their property, and their display,” Bakh responded.

“It’s a couple of flowers,” the student said. “I don’t know if it’s that deep, especially to you guys if you just tell people to like to get an abortion and leave and soon as you convince them of that. You’re not going to like think about the consequences are for their lives.”

“Well this table is here, so you can talk about that,” a student from the club replied.

“I don’t understand the purpose of like a public stunt to like demean other people’s opinions,” the student replied.

“I don’t think we’re demeaning anybody’s opinion, we’re very open to discussion,” another club member responded.

When a different club member asked the student why he was stealing the flowers and “hurting himself,” he responded that “it might be worth hurting himself.”

Once Bakh was on the phone with campus security, the student returned the flowers and then bizarrely offered to help the students clean up the display. The student also started putting flowers in the bin.

“He did not stay and help clean up,” Bakh told The Daily Wire, “but he did kick a few of the lawn stakes as he walked away.”

“The SSFL’s memorial of the lives lost to abortion was a beautiful display that sparked many mind changing conversations,” Bakh said in a statement. “It is sad to see a student not only attempt to destroy such a beautiful memorial, but to also refuse to converse with us. It is unacceptable that students resort to vandalism when they disagree with the prolife viewpoint. We encouraged this particular student to dialogue with us and participate in an open conversation, rather than resorting to destruction. Unfortunately, this has become a theme across the nation and even Stanford University is no exception.”

When asked why the student was motivated to take down the display, Bakh said that “there was no explanation for his behavior besides opposing our viewpoint and wanting the display down.

Watch the incident below:

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