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WATCH: Trump Rallygoer Collapses In Crowd. The Crowd’s Reaction Is Amazing.

The night before the midterm elections, President Donald Trump made his way to Missouri for a star-studded rally packed with Trump supporters. But the high energy event, which was opened by radio talk show legend Rush Limbaugh, took a serious turn for a solid eight minutes when one of the female rallygoers suffered a medical emergency.

The crowd, packed with so-called “deplorables,” reacted in heartwarming fashion; not only did they pray for the woman, attendees broke out in church hymn “Amazing Grace” before she was helped out of the venue.

When the woman in the crowd first fainted, Trump quickly asked if there was a doctor in the audience. One of the Trump supporters hustled over to the woman to tend to her.

“Is there a doctor in the house? Doctor?” asked Trump. “Thank you, doctor. Take your time, doctor. We have plenty of time.”

Pointing to the doctor, the president boasted, “That’s one of our great people right there!”

While the man was tending to the woman, the crowd generally stayed silent, save some pro-Trump outbursts. At one point, though, those close to the woman began praying for her.

“Say a little prayer,” encouraged Trump. “Go ahead, that’s good. Say a little prayer.”

Before she was helped out of the crowd, the Trump supporters broke out in “Amazing Grace”:

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost but now am found

Was blind, but now I see

“That was really something. I just want to thank everybody for how you behaved. That was beautiful,” said Trump. “Hopefully she’ll be okay


According to Fox News, “Amazing Grace” “was written in 1779 (or a few years earlier) by John Newton, an English poet and clergyman who died in 1807. Newton, as a young man, deserted the English Navy, was recaptured and punished and became involved in slave trading. He later had a religious awakening during a storm at sea before becoming a prolific hymn composer.”

Earlier in the rally, Limbaugh praised Trump for courageously “bucking the system.”

“We are a great nation at risk in a dangerous world,” he said. “We are hanging by a thread. Do you realize, folks, there is nobody ― there’s some on the Republican side ― but for the most part there’s nobody who would do what Donald Trump has done, nobody who would buck the system? Who among anybody in politics, who could you have lobbed onto that would have this kind of chance to make America great again?”

White House advisor Kellyanne Conway were also brought up on stage. “If you think your vote doesn’t count, if you think it doesn’t matter to have a small majority in the U.S. Senate, you did not live through the Brett Kavanaugh hearings,” she reminded the crowd.


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