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WATCH: U.S. Soldier DESTROYS Muslim “Refugee” With 1 Simple Question

If you only listened to the Left, you would think that the “refugees” pouring into Europe and North America are nothing but a desperate flock of women and children. The truth is that most are military-age men who need answer some questions about their intentions.

One intrepid U.S. soldier visited a refugee camp in Denmark and asked men from Iraq and Syria some simple questions. Most admitted that they came to Europe alone. Others recognized that Syrian and Iraqi women are fighting back home, while they chose not to. This unknown soldiers also asked him why Americans are busy restoring their countries, while they sit in Europe and collect welfare.

Other camera crews have discovered that some “refugee” men are equally honest about their motivations for coming to Europe.

One group in Finland turned down free food and asked for money in order to buy their own food from a supermarket. Another man in Germany told reporters that he came to Europe for money and a new phone, via YouTube.

These are not panicked, fleeing refugees. These are economic migrants who simply want to pilfer the coffers of Europe for their own gain.

In America and Europe, most men would be ashamed to see women fighting in their place (left-wing men don’t count; they are not really men.) Similarly, any man with pride would hate to live his life based solely on the generosity of the government.

Muslim men think very differently. A majority of Muslims in Europe live on welfare, with most supporting their multiple wives and children only through handouts (via Pew Research). Even well-known jihadis get paid sickness and disability benefits, via Gatestone Institute.

Knowing this, it is safe to say that being a good host has done nothing for Europe. A large percentage of European Muslims, whether foreign-born or native, hate the West and feel no loyalty to Europe.

For instance, almost a full half of British Muslims support Sharia over English common law, via The Guardian. Hateful Muslims relying on the labor of Christians is nothing new. This existed in Islamic Spain and Ottoman Greece. We in the West need to stop holding candlelight vigils and praying for peace. We need to fight back and remove Islamism from our lands.

If we don’t, we will cease to exist as a people and as a culture. Islam was beaten at Vienna, Lepanto, Tours. It can be beaten again.

What do you think about this video? Should most Muslims be deported? Scroll down to comment!

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  1. Akoji

    May 27, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    Europe opened its doors to pilferers at the expense of its future and the destiny of her unborn generation. I weep for Europe and pray everyday that God will rekindle HIS light again over her nations. A “religion” that is so bloodthirsty should be abhorred by everyone, it is now or never.

  2. Randell

    June 6, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    Everyƅоdy ⅼaughed making an attempt too thіnk about what soгt of ⲣarty Mary and Joseph ɡave for Jesus
    when He was six. ᒪarry wοndered, ?I guess he favoгed the same type of tys we like.

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