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WIN: Arkansas House Of Representatives Pass Law To Only Use American Laws – No More Sharia Law

You’ve got to love the irony.

From the state that gave us “No-Longer-Made-In-America” Walmart and those two rotten apple blossoms Hillary and Bill Clinton, comes a House of Representatives that appears to have found a spine regarding legal due process in Arkansas.

The House passed a bill on Monday that declares that only “American laws” will be allowed to operate in Arkansas courts.

The implication is clear: “No Sharia Law for you!”

The bill passed 63-24, and moves to the Senate for a final vote. We hope the bill’s passage will set a precedent for other states to follow to preserve the rule of law based on Western models of jurisprudence.

It’s a definite move in the right direction for a nation that has truly lost its way.

Arkansas Rep. Brandt Smith, a Republican from Jonesboro, sponsored the key legislation. Critics argued the bill implies Muslims. We say, guilty as charged.

“All aspects of a Muslim’s life are governed by Sharia. Sharia law comes from a combination of sources including the Qu’ran, the sayings of the prophet and the rulings of Islamic scholars,” according to the BBC’s definitive introduction to Sharia.

Islam and Sharia therefore are inseparable and mutually reinforcing, meaning HB-1041 “necessarily” includes Muslims by implication, given the central nature of Sharia to Islamic life.

Sharia is best understood, fairly or otherwise, as an anachronistic legal system promising brutal justice to those who violate its tenets. Steal a loaf of bread and lose a hand. Insult Islam — die. In fact, there are many former or less devout Muslims who see Sharia for what it is: contrary to Western values of individual freedom and human rights.

“Sharia is more than stoning or amputating limbs or public beheading — Sharia is a spirit also. Its spirit is against current [Western] civilization. Sharia instigates its believers to destroy secular democracy (from within!) and establish [a] so-called Islamic state because [the] law is pointless without a state,” blogs Hasan Mahmud at Muslims Facing Tomorrow.

We rest our case.

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  1. DEB

    April 20, 2017 at 12:43 pm

    Sharia will NOT dominate because our G-d will prevail! Read the BOOK!

  2. James

    April 21, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    This law needs to be banned from any branch of education and gov

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