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WOW: Ivanka To Play MAJOR White House Role… SHE IS TRUMP’S WILD CARD!

We know that the media and the left underestimated Donald Trump throughout the election.  They did not expect him and his impressive family to connect with Americans in such an effective way.

One of those reason he did was the tireless work of his children, who campaigned for him across the country.  The example made by Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric were signs of Trump’s character as a father and family leader.

Ivanka Trump was especially effective at connecting with mothers of all stripes.  Her example as a strong, successful woman, wife, and mother was a testament to Donald Trump, even while the media tried to brand him as a sexist.

Now that Trump is going to take the White House this January, people speculate what role Ivanka will have in the coming presidency.

From New York Post:

While the media has, as it should, assiduously reported on every official Cabinet appointment made by President-elect Trump, they have yet to vet the next administration’s most significant, powerful player: Ivanka. She’s not the first woman to sub for a first lady — most notably, Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter Alice did — but none had the influence Ivanka likely will…

Last week, Trump’s team floated Ivanka as inhabitant of the First Lady’s office in the East Wing. Ivanka also began personally lobbying Congress on child-care legislation.

The best the media have done is complain and speculate about Trump’s children being given positions in his cabinet, despite nepotism laws.  But it would be ridiculous to think that these intelligent, effective leaders wouldn’t have a role in Trump’s White House.

We can all relax over whether or not Trump will break any nepotism laws. Trump’s children have attested that they will have the big job of overseeing their father’s business while he is serving our country.

But Ivanka’s close proximity to the White House over the next four years could suggest she will be offering her support and guidance to the administration.  That would be a very good thing.

Source: New York Post

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  1. Marge Furman

    December 21, 2016 at 3:33 am

    A sub First Lady! Please excuse my ignorance to please explain does this position take the role of Melania??

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