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1 Day After Trump Strikes Syria, Look What Happened To Syrian Airbase [PHOTOS]

Images have emerged that allegedly show the aftermath of the US airstrike on Syria that claimed at least five lives.

Russian military says only 23 of 59 US cruise missiles reached the Syrian air base and that six Syrian jets were destroyed by the US strike on the base.

The images appear to show the burned out wreckage of buildings and debris across runways on at the airbase following the attacks carried out in the dead of night.

The images have not been independently verified, but also reveal that soldiers have now returned to the airbase. They were posted on Twitter by someone called M Green who described themselves as a ‘tech expert’ and who has previously tweeted from Syria.

The US launched that attack last night, sparking condemnation from the Kremlin and adversely affecting relations with Russia.

Russia has suspended a deal with the US to prevent mid-air collisions over Syria in response to the missile strike on a Syrian air base.

These are the first images of the airbase after the US airstrike.

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