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12-Year-Old Goes Viral: Trump ‘Done More Good in the Past 6 Months Than Obama Has in the Past 8 Years’

Earlier this year, a preteen became know as the youngest and most devout supporter of President Donald Trump after she was interviewed at a conservative convention.

During the Conservative Political Action Conference, 12-year-old Millie March turned heads after she sang high praise for Trump as well as impressed viewers with her vast knowledge of political topics.

Recently, March was called in to appear on “Fox & Friends” where she continued to spout off her political comprehension while donning Trump socks and backpack.

While March told the “Fox & Friends” hosts that she had just become president of her school, it was her reference toward Trump and former President Barack Obama that really stole the show.

First stating how Trump was doing, March eagerly told the hosts:

“He is doing the best job as a president you could ever do.”

Which she followed up, saying that Trump:

” … has done more good in the past six months than Obama has in the past eight years.”

When March was asked if she’ll become the first female president, a position Trump took from his opponent, March said:

“I have no idea, if the country needs me I will run. I don’t care about being the first female president.”

If the presidency isn’t in her future, perhaps a post in Trump’s administration is.

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