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Trump Finally Blocks One of His Biggest Trolls After Nasty Tweet Sends Him Over the Edge

Rosie O’Donnell’s Twitter timeline is a constant and sometimes vile insult-fest at the expense of her greatest nemesis: President Donald Trump.

The two have had a notorious feud that has festered for years. Their relationship hit a new low when the erstwhile comedian and actress attacked Trump’s son, Barron, suggesting that he had autism. Melania Trump threatened O’Donnell with a lawsuit.

After months of attacks of Trump on her Twitter timeline, you’d think that perhaps the president had become inured to the former “View” co-host’s invective. But the president recently began to cull his Twitter-follower herd and Rosie’s the latest heifer to be dispatched.

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Trump blocked her.

O’Donnell made it big news, and her acolytes joined in the typical Trump ridicule found on her timeline:

But then O’Donnell started coaching her minions to continue bringing the hate:

Some of her followers said they were upset that they hadn’t yet been blocked by Trump.

O’Donnell gave them pointers:

She had a theory about why she had been blocked, and it had everything to do with the president’s new Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci:

Or was it Ivanka?

She decided to hurl insults at him to see if he’d respond:

Actor Barry Bostwick cried a little over the fact that he hadn’t been blocked yet:

Rosie acknowledged that though she was blocked, it didn’t mean she was totally cut off from what the president tweets:

But she plans to sue over it anyway:

And plans to block anyone who trolls her:

The lawsuit theorizes that the American people have a right to see the president’s tweets on his personal Twitter account.

No, she didn’t acknowledge the irony.

O’Donnell recently has been touting an online game that allows people to watch the president be hurled over a cliff, thrown into molten lava, and be subjected to other life-ending activities.

Perhaps he didn’t think much of that.

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1 Comment

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