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24 Hours After Dragging Man Off Flight, United Airlines Gets DEVASTATING News…

People are threatening to boycott United Airlines after a disturbing video went viral that showed a passenger being forcibly removed from the plane.

The incident occurred on Sunday evening on a plane traveling from Chicago to Louisville. In the video, the unidentified 69-year-old man is shown being yanked from his seat and dragged off the plane. The man was then taken to the hospital for non-threatening injuries, according to the Chicago Aviation Police Department.

The shocking video sparked outrage on social media and now people are saying they plan to boycott United’s service.

According to Yahoo Finance, shares of United Continental Holdings had dipped by more than 4 percent in early trading on Tuesday after video of the incident Sunday went viral on the internet the following day.

That drop accounted for a decrease in share price of roughly $3.10, which equals an overall loss of nearly $950 million due to there being some 314 million shares of United stock being traded publicly.

This development actually caught some investors by surprise, as United initially seemed to be weathering the horrible public relations debacle on Monday. Its stock actually closed slightly up on the day, according to Fortune.

However, a closer look at the day’s numbers revealed that the selloff started almost immediately Monday morning, with United stock dropping some 2.5 percent, only to close the day up 1 percent as some investors jumped on the cheap buy of a rapidly declining stock and thereby temporarily stabilizing it.

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