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After 3-Years In Egyptian Prison President Trump Negotiated The Release Of This Charity Worker

Aya Hijazi, an Egyptian-American charity worker, spent the last three years in Egyptian prison. President Trump negotiated her release because she and her husband were detained on false charges. And now they are finally free.

Aya Hijazi, returned to America Thursday, and the very next morning she thanked President Trump in person. Because as her lawyer said he was the one who got her freedom back.

According to some human rights organizations, the charges were false.

“First and foremost, there have been a countless number of people advocating for Aya Hijazi’s freedom,” Wade McMullen stated. “I think Trump and his team deserve credit for making this a priority at the most critical time in her case.”

President Trump and Egyptian authorities formed a stable relationship these past months, so that made it more pleasant to negotiate. Four other charity workers were also released.

By making this selfless thing President Trump is not helping the liberal idea of him being an evil man who only cares about him. According to them, he is not supposed to care about these humanitarian workers.

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