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TRUMP STRIKES BACK! The Judges That Blocked Trump’s Travel Ban Just Got Really Bad News…

BOOM! This is why you don’t get in front of the Trump train. After judges in the ninth circuit court of appeals banned Trump’s travel ban, it is becoming obvious that this court needs to be busted up.

It is the most reversed court in the country!

Republican Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain want to pass new legislation carve “carve six states out of the San Francisco-based court circuit and create a brand new 12th Circuit,” says Fox News.

Watch this video via Fox News below.

This means that the court has a reputation of being the most liberal court in the country. 18 of the court’s 25 active judges were appointed by Democrats. This is not fair and the court’s decision was totally stacked against Trump.

There is a reason that conservatives call this court the “Nutty 9th Circus” and its because the Supreme Court has overturned so many of this liberal court’s rulings.

This is massive and means that we have not lost the battle yet!

*** If you stand with Trump and want him to introduce the travel ban, let’s help stick it to this court by #SHARING this information 10 million times! 

If we all stand up we can stop them. We will destroy the nutty 9th court and make this country great again. Amen.

H/T Libertywritersnews

Thanks for reading, y’all! (h/t Fox News)

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