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A Bike Honoring the Lives of First Responders Lost in the 9/11 Attacks Just Found a New Home

A group of first responders found a beautiful way to honor those who died during the attacks on September 11 — all while benefiting their families.

America’s 911 Foundation is a group on a mission to honor first responders nationwide by sharing their stories and providing scholarships to their children.

Members of the foundation took a motorcycle trip to every city impacted by the terrorist attacks on September 11.

During their tour, the foundation displayed a beautiful motorcycle with the names of all 417 first responders who perished during the attack.


“This bike belongs to New York,” said America’s 911 Foundation co-founder Ted Sjurseth. ”[There are] 417 names. The names of the first responders that went to the twin towers to help out an lost their lives. They never went home.”

Sjurseth told Fox News that the bike has been stirring emotions throughout its journey. He knew he had to give it back to the city.

“When the bike was built, she came out on her first show and we were very proud of what was built and what was here. There was a lady pawing the side of the back of the bike and I asked her, ‘please don’t touch it. It’s painted.’ And she said, ‘That’s my son.’ And you just walk away. It’s no longer yours. It belongs to the city.”

Roger Flick, another foundation board member, told Fox, “It’s a very emotional trip. I’ve done it 17 times. I’ve been able to meet some great patriots and it’s just something we have to do so we never forget the attacks that happened on our country.”

The bike will now live at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum.

America’s 911 Foundation is hoping this bike will not only live on as a memorial, but they also hope that their foundation will be able to continue to fundraise to provide scholarships to the children of active first responders.

They are currently working to help the first responders in who have lost their homes in the wildfires in California by paying the insurance deductible so they can begin to rebuild their homes.

“The police are out there helping you evacuate your home and they can’t go help get the stuff out of theirs,” said Sjurseth.

The motorcycle ride through the cities impacted by the September 11 attacks is an annual event. This year, more than 700 motorcyclists participated.

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