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After Years Living Under Communist Rule Melania Trump’s Parents Just Became US Citizens

First lady Melania Trump’s parents are finally United States citizens after years of living under communist rule in Slovenia.

President Donald Trump’s in-laws, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, took their oaths of citizenship in New York City.

Beyond the additional security present at the ceremony, the Knavs followed the same process of tests, interviews, and paperwork that every other citizenship candidate has to complete.

Their attorney, Michael Wildes, called the couple “beautiful people” and took a moment to draw attention to the process of legal immigration.


The application, the process, the interview was no different than anybody else’s other than the security arrangements to facilitate today. I’ve had the privilege of coming to this building for more than 30 years working with some of the finest families and individuals […] This golden experiment, these doors that are in America, remain hinged open to beautiful people as they have today. They would appreciate their privacy and we just thank everybody for their attention to this very important dialogue that we are having on immigration.

The Knavs were living in the United States as legal permanent residents with green cards prior to taking the final steps to become full citizens.

While the Knavs currently live in Mar-a-Lago and Trump Tower in New York City, they didn’t always live in luxury. Melania grew up in a two bedroom apartment in Sevnica, a small city formerly under communist control.

Although Melania started from humble roots, she launched a successful modeling career prior to her marriage to the president.

Now that the Knavs are full citizens, they can vote to extend their daughter’s job as the first lady in 2020. Melania currently has an approval rating of above 50 percent.

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