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When Air Force One Flew Over Denver Trump Got A MASSIVE Surprise From One Awesome Rancher

NBC News is reporting that a farmer has carved a massive surprise for President Trump on his farm near the Denver airport. It may be the largest political sign in history.

Frustrated by the attacks against President Donald Trump, rancher Doug Koehn plowed the word “TRUMP” in big block letters on his field.

Koehn said,

“The letters are 800 feet wide and approximately 800 feet long,” “A mile-long Trump.”

You can’t read it from ground level. The first-time Koehn saw the whole thing was when 9NEWS showed up with a drone and showed him the footage.

“It looks really nice,” Koehn said, joking that he was relieved he didn’t make a spelling error. He didn’t use GPS, just an old tractor.

“I have an old tractor, it don’t do that,” Koehn said. “My son come out and stepped it off and I just drove the tractor to wherever he was standing.”

Koehn says he’d never voted before last year’s election. He told 9NEWS he’s “embarrassed” Colorado voted for Hillary Clinton and he wanted Trump to know he has huge support in Colorado’s rural Eastern plains.

He is all for the idea that Air Force One might someday buzz the sign he cut into his land, like Trump did at that huge rally in Alabama.

“They can even land if they’re in Marine One,” Koehn said. “I’ll buy [President Trump] a beer. I’d love to shake his hand.”

He said the job took only about two hours to complete and he plans to leave it up until springtime.

H/T Worldnewspolitics

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