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Alaskan Bush People’s Ami Brown Learns Of Cancer Treatment

On the latest episode of Alaskan Bush People, viewers got a much anticipated update on Ami Brown’s medical condition. It was announced three weeks ago that the matriarch was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

Ami’s husband Billy is coming to terms with how very serious Ami’s condition is. “Ami’s hurting pretty bad,” he saidduring Wednesday night’s episode. “We’re in for probably a lot harder road than we’ve ever faced. There’s no doubt about that.”

Alaskan Bush People’s Executive Producer Sheila McCormack was asked to deliver the treatment news to the family on the show. “So the radiation is five days a week for six weeks,” McCormack told the Browns. “After the radiation, once a week she goes to the other building and they put an IV in her and she gets chemotherapy for four hours.”

Ami only weighs 94 pounds as the cancer has had a crippling effect on her body. McCormack also stated that if she loses five more pounds that she will require a feeding tube.

Son Bam is taking the news hard, as can be expected. “What’s going on now is the most difficult thing we’ve gone through because of who it’s happening to – because it’s mom and because of what it is,” he said. “It makes a house burning down or a boat sinking or needing five stitches no big deal. This is really difficult. I don’t even know what to say.”

The Brown Family is battling to save Ami’s life. At this point in time not much else matters. Ami is the heart of the family and they are looking to save her.

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