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ALERT: HUGE “Sanctuary City” Declares WAR on Trump. Should Trump Cut Funds?

U.S. mayors are now being forced to make a choice between protecting criminals or their own citizens. It should be an easy choice, but it apparently isn’t for some.

Jeff Sessions issued an ultimatum for sanctuary cities on Monday. The attorney general has warned that all grants and funding issued by the Justice Department will be cut from cities and counties that refuse to follow federal law and work with immigration officials.

The mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, lashed out in response. “As I’ve said, I’m willing to risk losing every penny of federal funding to stand by our commitment [to protect illegal immigrants],” Murray wrote in a press release, via My Northwest.

The mayor is convinced that Sessions and Trump are just bluffing, but he couldn’t be more wrong. Now, he is going to need to explain to his voters why he let millions of dollars slip away just to protect criminals.

In addition to losing the funds from future grants, Seattle may also be forced to pay back millions of dollars they received in previous years. Seattle residents will not be pleased to see their taxes increase so the city can pretend to have the moral high ground.

The Justice Department awards around $4 billion each year to fund local police projects. This year, the grants will be directed to cities and counties in need that are willing to work with the federal government on this issue, via The Washington Times.

Jeff Sessions’ warning is in support of executive orders signed by President Trump that intend to crack down on sanctuary cities. The orders went beyond law enforcement grants and threatened to eliminate federal funding for education and Medicaid, which are also struggling to support illegal immigrants.

Even the spineless Obama administration once understood the dangers of sanctuary cities, and the attorney general’s announcement is consistent with rules established under Obama, which penalize cities that refuse to report illegal immigrants.

The mayor of Seattle is conveniently ignoring that this was once a bipartisan issue. In fact, he is pretending he is opposing the federal government to protect his city, but it has become abundantly clear that he’s actually making it vulnerable. Criminal aliens gravitate to these cities because they know they can act with impunity.

Mayor Murray is not attempting to protect Seattle’s citizens — he’s only trying to boost his reelection chances. As a Democrat, he relies on the votes of bleeding heart liberals and illegal aliens to maintain his power. He would rather put the lives of his citizens at risk and cost taxpayers millions than risk losing his office.

Murray got in way over his head the moment he stepped up against President Trump. The president is simply doing what is required to protect the lives of LEGAL citizens, and Murray’s own electorate knows that. Hopefully, they still outnumber the illegals and radical liberals, so they can boot this man out of the office he clearly isn’t fit to be in.

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