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ALERT – Iran Warns Trump Not To Release SECRET DETAILS Of Deal With Obama

Just how many secrets did Obama tuck in his luggage upon leaving office? His legacy—covert deals, spying on Americans, and trampling our Constitution—has way too many.

“If Trump wants to publish confidential documents exchanged between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency, it will in fact constitute a violation of the agency’s obligations because the agency has been committed not to make Iran’s confidential nuclear information and documents available to any country, including the U.S.,” said senior Iranian official Alaedin Boroujerdi.

Boroujerdi is the head of Iran’s foreign policy committee. He uttered the warning to President Trump during an interview with the state run media in the Middle East country.

The warning came just after the Free Beacon reported Michael Flynn had been run out of office at least partly because he fully intended to air the covert deals in public, via Washington Free Beacon.

Some of the Iranian secret deal documents reportedly reference agreements between the government of the terror-ridden nation and the IAEA about Iran’s ability to engage in uranium enrichment. The Obama secret nuclear agreement side deals also allegedly note just how much information Iran must share with international inspectors who review the country’s nuclear program.

The deal Obama inked did not even allow American inspectors to actually review ANY of the Iranian nuclear facilities. None of the inspectors will get a true view of what is going on with Iran’s weapons program because an extensive warning period before they arrive in the country is mandatory!

Congressional leaders initiated multiple investigations into Barack Obama’s efforts to keep Iranian deal documents tucked away from public view last year. Free Beacon sources maintained the Trump administration is working on a process to publicize the deal’s details without violating classified and national security protocols.

The Iran nuclear agreement deals are not all classified, according to the same report. They are reportedly locked away somewhere in a secure location on Capitol Hill.

The overt act to make it difficult for Trump administration staffers to get their hands on the information all Americans are entitled to was a devious tactic by Obama. Sure, he is gone, but far too many of his loyalists and spies still remain at key federal agencies.

When the secret deals with Iran are pulled out of their locked drawer, the lucky few who have gotten to view them must reportedly possess a top level security clearance and are banned from taking notes on what they see. Speaking about the details contained inside the pages is also allegedly strictly prohibited.

President Trump is not bound to keep any of Obama’s secrets. Republican Illinois Representative Peter Roskam said Obama hid the secret side deals in an intentional effort to mislead the American people.

Iran should know by now President Trump is NOT President Obama. Our president will not be intimidated by foreign leaders, and he will NEVER negotiate from a position of weakness!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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