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ALERT: Nancy Pelosi Caught in Major Scandal. Should She Be Kicked Out of Congress?

Nancy Pelosi, the self-proclaimed Democrat spokesperson, has shown more than enough times that she should turn in her pearls for a dunce cap. Here’s yet another reason why!

The California Democrat has continuously called for President Trump’s tax returns, claiming that obtaining them could show Russia’s “financial influence,” but Pelosi is a hypocrite in the truest sense of the world.

It turns out Pelosi is among the richest in Congress, having as much as $202 million in 2014, but she wants to point the finger at Trump, a businessman who has worked hard for his wealth?

Paul Pelosi, Nancy’s husband, is an “ultra-wealthy real estate investor and venture capitalist who has been an active investor in large companies that have been impacted by his wife’s regulations,” Lynch reports. Any record of Mr. Pelosi’s finances is not readily accessible.

How did the Pelosi family get all of this money? Insider trading. She is privy to information she wouldn’t otherwise have if not for her position in Congress, and she uses this so her husband can create active trades.

Once again, liberals are trying to point at Trump to distract from their own questionable actions, and the American people have honestly had enough. Pelosi should be the last person speaking for the Democrats if they knew what was good for them because all she continues to do is sail them down the river.

So, why doesn’t Pelosi give over her financial and tax records? Why doesn’t every Democrat who has a problem with Trump’s taxes bring out their own documents in a show of solidarity? After all, they’re more than content to spread Trump’s business every which way.

In fact, I’m sure the American people would be very interested in seeing Hillary Clinton’s financial and tax documents. She also called for Trump’s tax documents during the 2016 election, her smug face indicating that she thought she was winning against her outsider opponent.

However, Clinton has never been forthcoming with her own information — like her breach of national security with her private server. Clearly, many Democrats have a lot to hide whether it’s the movement of funds or foreign ties — they’ve shown to be nothing but two-faced hypocrites.

This is why Donald Trump called for the swamp to be drained — the lies of Democrats and the whole establishment. Both Pelosi and Clinton have questionable funds, leading to high dollar signs in their bank accounts, yet they criticize Trump for having money, taking legal tax breaks, and wanting to maintain privacy. Look how far the Democrats have fallen — it’s clearly time for Pelosi to be removed from Congress!

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