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ALERT: Something CHILLING Was Just Found on the US-Mexico Border – Look Closely…

The mainstream media has been trying to make Donald Trump look like a racist bigot for cracking down on illegal immigration and deporting more aliens. However, what just happened in California shows exactly what Trump is trying to protect us from…

Breitbart reported that Border Patrol agents in Southern California just arrested a previously deported illegal immigrant. This alien is the fifth previously deported sex offender to be caught crossing the border illegal since this fiscal year began.

Agents were patrolling an isolated area near Mount Signal when they saw a man running from the Mexican border. They immediately arrested him and took him to the El Centro Station for processing, where they discovered the 42 year-old Mexican has already been deported in the past.

He had previously been convicted in California of committing Lewdness Acts with a Minor under 16, and was sentenced to 20 months in prison. He was deported upon his release from jail.

Unfortunately for the perverted alien, he will now be prosecuted by the Department of Justice for Reentry After Removal as a convicted sex offender.

“The vigilant work of our agents in the El Centro Sector has led to the successful removal of a sexual predator,” Assistant Chief Patrol Agent David S. Kim said in a written statement. “We’re sending a clear message to those who have committed serious crimes in the United States and are seeking to illegally enter, that we will vigorously pursue criminal prosecution.”


In the past four months, four other sex offenders that were previously deported from the U.S. have been caught crossing the border illegally again. This shows just how important border security really is…

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