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ALERT – Top Dems Caught Plotting THROW TRUMP Out of Office – Is This Treason?

Liberal Democrats are both tasteless and lacking common sense. In their twisted minds, they actually believe they may be able to oust President Trump.

Their latest plan is to utilize the 25th amendment, which addresses ways to remove an incapacitated president.

The 1967 amendment was designed for situations where a president was undergoing surgery, or anesthesia. In years after, lawmakers have tried to broaden its scope as wide as possible, with little success.

The process for removal can take different routes. Obviously, Trump is not about to declare himself unfit. The other options both require a majority of cabinet officers and the vice president, or a group “of such other body as Congress may by law provide” along with the vice president, to declare the president incapable of performing his duties.

Are they serious? President Trump has done more work in his first month than maybe any other president. Between the executive orders alone, he’s done more than Obama ever accomplished. You just can’t call him incapable.

On Thursday evening, Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, told the BBC that the Trump needed to “act presidential” or face the backlash of the 25th amendment.

By this, Speier means that Trump needs to stop embarrassing the press, and stop dealing with foreign leaders in a way Speier doesn’t like. What a joke. Speier has me wondering if the 25th amendment applies to members of Congress. Either way, she’s too big for her britches.

The 25th amendment has never been used as a political weapon against a sitting president. That wasn’t the intention of the amendment and it won’t be used as such, especially with a SCOTUS that leans conservatively and values the words of the Constitution. The amendment was written in the aftermath of the assassination of JFK, and specifically wants to prevent how vulnerable our nation was in the hours when he was still alive, but was incapacitated.

Besides, it’s a joke that Speier and her Democrat co-conspirators think they could ever gather a group of cabinet officers or lawmakers from the heavily leaning Republican House and Senate to overthrow him. Never mind that they would also need Trump’s own vice president and friend, Mike Pence. What’s next? Squirt guns? Banana peels in the Oval Office?

Listen Democrats, Trump is doing a phenomenal job. He has worked as hard and effectively as any president ever has in his first weeks. Trump is full speed ahead all the time.

And, by any measure, his work has been successful. Consumer spending is climbing, the stock market is running in record territory, and the environment of confidence and patriotism throughout this country is electric.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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