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ALERT – Trump Uncovers Evidence of a TRAITOR in a Powerful Position, Calls For Investigation

Finding evidence of Russian hackers is clearly not a priority for Obama, but pushing a distinctly Liberal narrative about the scandal sure is!

BEFORE the intelligence reports about the alleged Russian hacking were shared with President-Elect Donald Trump, someone from within the Obama administration shared the same reports with NBC News! Trump is now calling on the intelligence committees in Congress to investigate how the mainstream media got ahold of the top secret intelligence report.

The mainstream media loathes Trump’s tweeting habits because it takes them and their completely biased coverage right out of the equation, but I am so glad Trump chooses to speak to us directly.

Donald Trump, in yet another example of true transparency, shared the news about the top secret dossier leak to NBC with We the People immediately, His issued the call for an investigation via Twitter moments before he finally got a copy of the same report in his own hands.

The president-elect was wholly correct when stating someone was playing “politics” with the top secret report about the alleged Russian hacking which caused a lot of embarrassment for Liberal elites. The tweet came after NBC aired a report referencing the findings in the classified report.

Obama’s intelligence heads claim they are completely confident their assessment of the DNC hacking scandal is correct, that Russia did it. So, we are just supposed to take their word for it or the word of their Liberal pals at NBC?

Exactly how the CIA and FBI determined Russian hackers garnered access to Hillary Clinton campaign chief of staff John Podesta’s emails is still shrouded in mystery – even after someone in the Obama administration leaked top secret information to NBC. As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, FBI investigators did not even look at the laptops or DNC email system server that was hacked.

The FBI has claimed the DNC refused access to the system, but the DNC counterclaims no request to take a peak where actual evidence might be found, was even levied. A third non-government party actually did the poking around which allegedly led to the conclusion that Russian hackers are the cyber attack culprits.

Giving WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange a call to question him about the hacked information he received would also been a good idea, and likely follow agency investigation protocol in such cases. But that didn’t happen either.

Julian Assange has vowed to never give up his source of the DNC hacked email, which is a commonplace response by journalists. But, the WikiLeaks founder has staunchly maintained it was not the Russians, or any foreign entity, but a disgruntled Clinton insider who shared the hacked emails.

In one of the John Podesta emails exchanges, Hillary’s campaign chief was warned by another staffer they might have a “mole” in the organization. Podesta acknowledged the concern, appearing to agree – and he even offered up the name of the suspected mole.

The mole is a now former Clinton Foundation CEO. Did the FBI or CIA question him about the email hacks? Nope.

He and his partner vanished from public view months ago — leaving no trace either physically or electronically of there current whereabouts. A vanishing act just days before the hacked emails were released, now that’s not suspicious at all.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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