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ALREADY? Fox News Makes Move Against Bolling, & It May Very Well Be the Beginning of the End

Fox host Eric Bolling has had trouble catch up to him this week.

First he was accused of sending male genitalia pictures to female co-workers at Fox several years ago. The source/s were anonymous and spoke to the Huffington Post.

Then he was suspended by Fox, and they hired the law firm of Paul Weiss to investigate.

As if things weren’t bad enough, a woman, Caroline Heldman, claimed that Bolling had sexually harassed her with sexist or bullying words.

Heldman had previously accused several others of sexual harassment including Bill O’Reilly and TV executive Woody Fraser.

Now maybe more indication that Bolling is in trouble with Fox.

Reports are this his name has been removed from social media accounts for The Specialists.

That’s sounding like more permanent than a suspension and maybe they found something in the investigation.

So let’s wait and see…

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