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American Neurosurgeon Says Charlie Can Live, But The UK Doctors Wont Change Their Mind

Charlie Gard the UK baby who is critically ill is fighting for his life, and his parents and supporters are fighting for the right to take care of him, but who are against his treatment are not persuadable.

And now after the American neurosurgeon examined the baby and said that the parents are right the situation is getting even tenser.

Dr. Michio Hirano examined Charlie, who has a rare genetic condition called mitochondrial depletion syndrome, verified experimental therapy cloud probably save his life.

Anyhow, British doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital were “unconvinced” by Hirano’s opinion and said Charlie’s brain damage is permanent.

The hospital stood by its argument that the baby deserves to “die with dignity”.

A source close to the parents stated that they are “optimistic” after Hirano’s opinion.

Anyhow, at a hearing on Friday, the doctors showed a new set of brain scans that proved his condition was even worse than it appeared.

Katie Gollop, a lawyer for the hospital showed the new results during the hearing, before the parents even had a chance to see them.

“Almost all the medical evidence in this case makes for sad reading,” Gollop stated, according to Sky News.

Charlie’s parents didn’t take the news well.

“We haven’t even read it,” Yates said and left the courtroom, according to Sky News.

The boy’s father, Chris Gard, turned to the lawyer and said “evil,” as he too left the courtroom, Sky News reported.

The judge’s ruling will be on July 25.

The British doctors are firm in their opinions and are standing by the statement issued July 13:

“It has been and remains the unanimous view of all those caring for Charlie at Great Ormond Street that withdrawal of ventilation and palliative care are all that the hospital can offer him consistent with his welfare.”

President Donald Trump offered to help Charlie and his parents, and one of our hospitals offered free treatment.

This baby deserves the right to live, which means allowing him to receive the best treatment available.

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