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Amy Schumer: I’m Not Going To Look ‘Super-F***able’ Anymore

Supposed comedienne Amy Schumer has figured out what was the main reason comediennes had trouble succeeding in the past: they didn’t look “super-f***able.”

Interviewed in Elle, Schumer was discussing her new clothing line and reminisced about how her clothing evolved over time. She said, “I think they’re really connected especially by where you are in your evolution as a performer. If you look at my specials it’s like these sort of short little Stepford wife mini dresses which were good at the time but not with these changing times. I’m so grateful to this younger generation for pointing out how little equality there is and how women, to get attention and be treated well, we’ve had to also try to look super f***able.”

Schumer continued by proudly citing her growth into who she really is:

For me, I was trying to get people to stop flipping the channel, “Oh, it’s a girl in a short dress,” then I hoped they would listen to what I was saying. The Leather Special was me kind of owning it and relying on my voice because I’ve earned the right and I have people’s attention. I’m selling out arenas and no female comic has ever done that. With my next special you will see, the fashion is more laid back, relaxed, lighter makeup, so fashion is just part of this evolution that’s getting closer to who I really am.

Schumer lauded other performers who dressed less like women for extending the parameters of fashion:

You also see it now too on the red carpet with Blake Lively wearing suits for her press tour or Emma Stone dressing a bit more masculine which in turn looks so powerful and sexy. It’s a statement. It’s not just about trying to be f***able.

Schumer has been on a rampage about women’s appeal for a while; in March, interviewed in Marie Claire, she was asked, “Which part of your body would you say you love the most?”

Schumer gushed, “Oh, I love my body. I love my breasts. I love my arse. I love my vagina. I love my legs. I love my arms. I love my ears. I love my toes. And they all move and are healthy, [so] I’m grateful.”

Schumer was asked, “So is our value then, as women, still largely attached to our appearance?”
 She answered, “A large part of our value is attached to appearance. You’ve got to watch my 12 Angry Men episode because it’s all about that. We’re judged by that, always. A woman could cure cancer, but people will still say, ‘Oh, but did you see her?’”

When the interviewer commented, “For men, that just doesn’t happen. They don’t get scrutinized the same way,” Schumer concluded, “Yeah, it’s bullshit. It sucks. But it’s a total reality, but I really am trying to do my part to change that. I think other people [are], too.”

In 2016, Schumer said in Glamour, “I don’t try to be feminist. I just am. It’s innately inside me. I have no interest in trying to be the perfect feminist, but I do believe feminists are in good hands with me.”

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