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Anthony Scaramucci Made The Reporter Who Attacked Sarah Huckabee Apologize

Anthony Scaramucci is the kind of person that doesn’t take crap from anyone, and now when one rude reporter insulted Sarah Huckabee Sanders by calling her a “butch queen in drag,” Scaramucci taught him a lesson that he won’t forget anytime soon.

Madison Ill, Daily Beast gay rights advocate reporter, tweeted a picture of the new press secretary Sarah Huckabee with a caption, “Butch Queen first time in drags at the ball.” With this comment, he was suggesting that Sander is a drag queen. And it is important to be noted that this isn’t his first time of offending someone like this. Madison also attacked Jeff Sessions when he heard that Sessions granddaughter is an Asian, he tweeted “Sessions, Sir, kindly return this Asian baby from the ‘Toys R Us’ you stole her from,” along with a photograph of him holding his granddaughter in his lap.

Scaramucci gave few days to see if the mainstream media would do something to show him that these kinds of attacks are not acceptable, but as expected no outlet like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, or ABC reported on this.

Daily Wire reported, “The fact that a journalist who works for a major online publication attacked a sitting press secretary in such a demeaning and public way is of course news. And yet a good faith look through the Google machine shows that not a single mainstream media outlet picked the story up. Not one.”

After this Scaramucii respectfully wrote on Twitter that Madison has to apologize to Sarah Huckabee, and a few hours later Madison did apologize to Sanders, this is his first apology ever. Even though we don’t know Scaramucci’s behind the scenes message, it surely was powerful since Madison wrote this:

Scaramucci taught Maddison and the rest of the liberal press that these kinds of attack are not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Scaramucci also fired one of the leakers, Michael Shorts, from the White House communications office.

Anthony Scaramucci is not a person you can play with. After CNN reported a fake story about him, Scaramucci and his attorneys scared CNN that they withdraw the story instantly.

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