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Anti-Trump Protesters Block Traffic On Highway – HUGE Mistake

Whiny liberals have spent the last few months blocking traffic on highways to protest against Donald Trump’s presidency. Now, patriots have had enough of this nonsense and are fighting back.

In this video, protesters learn that blocking traffic on highways is a BAD idea!

Donald Trump protesters are disrupting rallies, blocking roads, and attempting to intimidate the Republican’s supporters as they enter and exit even venues. A growing group of “Trump Train” passengers have vowed not to cave into such antics any longer.

“Next time you’ll think twice about playing Frogger in real life,” the caption at the end of a Facebook video showing Black Lives Matters protesters getting hit by cars. I said things would escalate if the protests were allowed to go on unchecked, and now it is.

The footage shows several scenes of people being run over, but it is unclear if they are all at Trump events.

Trump said the protesters who cause disruptions, harass supporters, and blocks roads have not been lambasted as lawbreakers by the media, adding all the blame about altercations has been heaped upon his supporters.

By no means am I saying it is okay to run people over, but the Black Lives Matterprotesters video very succinctly relays the level of angst Donald Trump supporters feel when they simply attempt to attend a political rally to hear a candidate speak.

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