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Antifa Marchers in Charlottesville Force Hospital Lock Down, Assault Police & Journalists

On the one-year anniversary of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Antifa protesters gathered downtown.

When they were left without marked opposition, Antifa members became violent and destructive.

Attacking Police
Many of the Antifa marchers expressed anti-police sentiments. One sign read, “Last year they came with torches. This year they come with badges.” Some Antifa protesters took those words and turned them into violent actions:

Attacking Reporters
The Antifa members attacked many reporters, including Cal Perry and his team from NBC. For a bunch of people allegedly marching nobly against white supremacy, they really did not want to be on camera.

Causing a Hospital Lockdown
According to reports from CBS, a hospital at the University of Virginia was forced to enter a lockdown because of the chaos outside. No one was allowed to leave the hospital and the doors were locked.

More Violence Expected Sunday
Unfortunately for everyone involved, this chaos is likely to continue through Sunday as protesters remain in Charlottesville and a white supremacist gathering is expected to take place in Washington D.C.

In an attempt to minimize the collateral damage in Washington, officers will be shutting down some streets and increasing their presence. The “Unite the Right 2” protest is taking place in Lafayette Square, a park next to the White House.

Both the white supremacists and the counter-protesters have permits for their protests. The “Unite the Right” organizers plan for 400 attendees, while the counter-protest expects more than 1,500.

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