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Army Sergeant Opens Up About What Melania Quietly Told Him During Their Inauguration Dance – THE BEST FIRST LADY IN HISTORY!

We really can’t cherry pick the best segments of the inauguration last week because there were so many, but millions of Americans were stocked with the inaugural balls especially.

With evident certainty, The Salute to Our Armed Services Ball was the most emotionally fragile part of the balls and Trump was even accompanied through webcast by members of the military serving currently in the Middle East.

But that is not the whole story.

Take a look at this incredible moment that Melania Trump had with one of our American heroes that serve in the military.

Namely, Army Staff Sergeant Jose Medina, 29, of Puerto Rico was incredibly honored to dance with First Lady Melania Trump at the Salute to Our Armed Services Ball last Friday.

“It was incredible,” Medina stated Inside Edition. “Obviously it was a great privilege and honor to get the chance to dance with the First Lady.”

Medina was also serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and he said he was pretty nervous, but a bit shocked that Melania was identically nervous.

“She was nervous,” Medina stated. “I don’t think she was ready for all of that attention.”

He got asked what the two spoke of and Medina said he complimented Trump and her gorgeous family. Melania, who looked dashing in a wonderful ivory Hervé Pierre gown, was amazing, he said.

“She was just saying ‘hi’ to me, congratulating me on being selected,” Medina remembered. “I just told her that she was beautiful and that she had a beautiful family. And she smiled.”

Medina asked Melania if she allowed him to twirl her, and she said yes. “So I did it and the crowd went crazy,” he stated.

Isn’t this the best First Lady we’ve ever had or what? Tell us in the comment section.

Source: Proud-patriots

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