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Army Vet Who Was Shot 13 Times Gives Trump Protesters a Dose of Reality on How ‘Loyalty’ Works

Our veterans know more than anyone what it is to experience the extremists of the Middle East. This veteran thought he’d share the knowledge.

Sgt. Jay Strobino said he met many wonderful people in Iraq, “But the people who hated America or had no loyalty to anything were willing to do whatever to get ahead or hurt Americans. So, it’s easy to understand the reason for the ‘extreme vetting.’ It will hopefully ultimately make our country a safer place for everyone,” via Independent Journal Review.

Strobino served two tours and took 13 bullets while overseas. He has met many good people in the Middle East, but he’s also met the bad.

He was shot in his legs, his forearm, his chest, and his right lung. Also, one bullet went into his shoulder and ricocheted into his neck. Despite his severe injuries, he made it out of Iraq alive and received a Silver Star for his service.

In Iraq, there aren’t any rules or “a system of loyalty,” according to Strobino. The military tried to help people, but the locals wouldn’t follow through on the measures intended to make their lives safer. Strobino and his brothers and sisters in arms tried to train the local police, but they did not step up when the military left, often not even going on patrols.

Some Iraqis would pretend to be our military’s allies and their friends but would snap and attack soldiers. Others fed information back to the enemy. I am a veteran, and I know that overseas we are not able to trust many Iraqis.

Further, Jay Strobino agrees with Trump’s travel ban. He wants a better vetting system to be put in place, so that we can better keep the American people safe from those who seek to do us harm in Iraq and elsewhere.

In fact, many people support this ban. It’s not because they hate Muslims or don’t want immigrants to come to this country — it’s because they have seen the tragic results of improper vetting. Not everyone is loyal to Americans, liberals.

Although Obama has sworn up and down that no attack on American soil occurred during his presidency, many did. Refugees and other immigrants have attacked the American people — bombing them and shooting at them, even attacking with knives and running people over with cars. It’s a fact.

And similar instances have been occurring in Europe. We can’t just let these people in with no system to determine who they are and if they are loyal to us. That’s just welcoming disaster onto your doorstep.

You wouldn’t just let anybody into your house without knowing who they are. You shouldn’t, and the same should be said for our country. Without a strong vetting system in place, our country can turn to chaos.

Then, it will not be just our soldiers who suffer these attacks — it will be our children, our neighbors, and maybe even ourselves on the losing end of a bomb, a knife, a gun, or a truck. Trump is trying to protect this nation, and the American people need to let him.

H/T: Angrypatriotmovement

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