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When They Asked Trump “Why Don’t You Drink?” He Shared A HEARTBREAKING Secret

We admire Donald Trump for speaking his mind and leading a life that the vast majority of people can’t. Having said that, there are many sacrifices that one must make when getting on his level, and none more apparent than denying yourself the things we all take for granted – mainly alcohol.

When asked on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show AC360 featuring the Trump family, Donald Trump opened up about why he never touched a sip of alcohol and has never done drugs, and why he has always told his incredibly successful children to do the same.

The incredibly emotional reason was that his brother died from alchoholism and it stayed with him until the present day. Watch this and see the very real conviction in the man’s words, along with that of his eloquent daughter Ivanka:

Do you think this makes him a better role model? Does this make him more presidential? Let’s hear it in the comments!

Source: Yesimright

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