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Ayaan Hirsi Ali A Brave Ex-Muslim Says The Islam Is Not For Us

Almost every American has the commodity of leaving in the word were the biggest difficulties in life were connected to some prejudges on shallow issues. Probably we can’t even understand what it means to live in a place where mutilation against your will is a way of life.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is here to share her horrifying story, she has been through a lot and she wants to use that experience to help us understand some truths of the world. Ali appeared on the Rubin Report and talked with Dave Rubin about the Islam.

This woman grew up in the Islamic world and know the best what it does to a person. The left thinks they understand the ideology behind it, but as Ali explains this religion that is a killing machine it’s not for us, and frankly, she is right. We live in a world where we enjoy our right of freedom and that is just not acceptable in the Islamic religion

Here is her story:



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