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BACKLASH GROWS: Thousands Express Outrage At Hit Piece Over Heisman Winner’s Tweets From When He Was 14

Outrage continued to grow on Sunday over a hit piece written by USA Today blogger Scott Gleeson about Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, who just won the Heisman Trophy.

Gleeson wrote an article shaming Murray, immediately after he won college football’s top individual award, over some tweets that he wrote when he was as young as 14-years-old.

“But the Oklahoma quarterback’s memorable night also helped resurface social media’s memory of several homophobic tweets more than six years old,” Gleeson wrote. “When Murray was 15 years old, he tweeted at his friends (via his since-verified Twitter account) using an anti-gay slur to defame them.”

Gleeson later updated his piece to include Murray’s apology, claiming that the star quarterback “took accountability” after Gleeson’s hit piece on him.

The backlash to Gleeson’s absurd piece exploded on Sunday morning, with tens of thousands of people expressing outrage over the fact that this blogger decided to attack a young man during one of the greatest moments of his life over comments he made years prior when he was 14. On the initial tweet from USA Today alone, more than 6,900 people commented on it with nearly all the comments disapproving of the article.

Here are some of the top responses to Gleeson’s article that got the most traction on social media:

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