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Bad News For Hillary As ‘Russian Hack’ Rumors Blow Up In Her Face BIG TIME

Although Hillary Clinton should be a distant memory at this point, her stubborn inability to handle losing like an adult has prevented such a reality. Unfortunately for her, it seems that her desperate attempt to reverse the election through “Russian hack” rumors just blew up in her face – and it couldn’t have happened more spectacularly.

The left is about as pathetic as it comes as they recently jumped on unsubstantiated claims that the Russians hacked our election in favor of Donald Trump. Despite there not being a single source and CIA veterans urging the public not to “rush to judgment,” the nation is still facing an all-out attack from the pathetic left.

Of course, as soon as the rumors began to spread on social media, it wasn’t long before liberal pundits were calling for a “re-vote” – but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Although this is the second or third attempt to reverse the results of the election and hand the presidency to Hillary, it looks like those efforts just blew up in her face.

Hillary may think she still stands a chance of stealing this election, but that’s not exactly the case. “It is very rare for courts to declare a revote, and these do not look like the circumstances where courts would declare one,” said Rick Hasen, an election law expert and professor at University of California-Irvine School of Law. “I have never seen anyone try to redo an election based upon the release of information which influenced voters.”

You basically need irrefutable proof that the Russians were involved in order to pull something like this off, and they don’t have any such evidence, which is exactly why pundits are demanding this rather than politicians and other various figures of authority.

Unfortunately for Hillary, the news only gets worse from there. According to BizPac Review, “Constitutional law professor John Banzhaf of the George Washington University Law School said the Constitution does not allow for an election do-over under the current circumstances.”

“Any reasonable reading of Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution – which provides in considerable detail for the election of the president – would strongly suggest that, once Congress has determined ‘the Time of choosing the Electors, and the Day on which they shall give their Votes,’ that Congress cannot then, based upon a simple majority vote, provide for a do-over second election.”

Hillary can continue to make a jackass of herself by flailing like a fish out of the water, but it isn’t going to help her one bit. When it comes down to it, the only person responsible for the results of the election was Hillary herself – and the lying media of course.

By trying to trick the American people into thinking that Hillary had already won the election and that Trump didn’t stand a chance, they effectively shot themselves in the foot. By continuing to display desperate tactics that resemble the temper tantrum of a two-year-old, well, you just come off looking every bit as desperate and pathetic as you really are. Get over yourselves.

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