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Bakery Refused To Make A Cake For 9-Year-Old Boy’s Birthday

A Little boy called “Pickle” wrote a letter to President Trump, and was attacked by the media, but that wasn’t the worst thing that happened to this little guy. For his 9th birthday, he wanted a Make America Great Again (MAGA) cake that the bakery shop refused to bake him one. So, Dana Loesch decided to slam the liberal Trump-hating shop.

You probably have heard about Dylan Harbin called “Pickle,” from California, and you remember Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders reading the letter that he wrote to the president. As expected the liberal media used this letter to find a way to attack Trump, claiming it was genuine. Shortly after a little digging up, they were embraced to hear that this little guy wrote the letter and it was genuine.

And now this kid has faced another attack, recently was his birthday, and Pickle wanted a cake in the form of the iconic red MAGA hat. But unfortunately, his mother couldn’t find a shop that will make him one, all bakeries refused by defending themselves with the “freedom of conscience.” So, she decided to make the cake, which she mastered amazingly.

When Dana Loesch heard about this she decided to slam the bakeries with a vicious response.

“Welp, they have to be forced to make the cake or they lose their business,” she wrote on Twitter. “Those are the rules progressives gave us,” she continued, talking about the Christian bakers who faced a lawsuit because they refused to make wedding cakes for gay couples due to religious reasons, and ultimately they were put out of business.

The liberals fought for this and then celebrated their victory, but now the situation is turned around.

To be real people should have the right to run their businesses how they want to. So, if bakeries don’t want to bake a MEGA cake, it is fine. But also, when someone refuses to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple it shouldn’t be put out of business. The rules should apply to everyone. The “freedom of conscience” needs to go both ways.

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