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Melania Trump Just MELTED Our Hearts By Doing This At Children’s Hospital!

Melania Trump is someone the liberals should love. A strong, independent, successful woman who raises her kid without a nanny and who happens to be an immigrant who then became an American citizen.

My God with those qualifications the liberals would make her a star, run her for office. And she’d win. But if she ever runs for office, she would never do it as a liberal. She has seen the disaster liberal policies bring first hand.

Imagine… a conservative woman with no desire to run for office would be the liberals (they have such poor candidates) first choice to run for Senate or a major national role.

She would be a liberal dream, but because she is a conservative the liberals bash her to no end. It’s so hypocritical.

Further proof the liberals have lost their collective minds. While they rant and rave, they should take a look at how Melania is spending her time. They could learn a lot from the always classy Melania.

Two days ago, Melania joined her husband for his to Congress, but after that she disappeared from the public eye and many people were asking why.

During this time the liberals bashed her from everything from her dress to why did she suddenly disappear.

She came forward to shut them so now we know where she was, and why she kept it quiet. Proving again that she is an incredible person far better than the crazy liberals bashing her.

When’s the last time you saw Michelle Obama or Elizabeth Warren do what Melania this?

Melania Trump spent a whole day visiting the sick children, who sadly have the worst kind of serious issues.

She posted a photo of her visit to the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C. with the caption,

Thank you for welcoming me @ChildrensHealth. My prayers and thoughts are with all of the children and families.

Pure class. I know the liberals will never stop bashing her, but I’d bet my life they will start imitating her.

Maybe if they do they might win another election.

Now here is a First Lady who is First Class all the way! God bless you, Mrs. Trump and always keep up with your excellent work! You are a Godsend!

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