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Barron Trump – Top 10 Most ADORABLE Moments


Barron, tired of clapping, to be fair it was 11pm, and he is just a kid, tired of all that has been going around him.. So adorable…


So so so cute , Barron playing pick-a-boo with his baby nephew, teaching him high five.


Falling asleep during his father’s speech , it was 3 am, but he proved he is a man enough , was determined to stay awake.


Sitting in the front seat while his father is driving the car. This video was posted by Melania Trump in 2014.Father and son bonding!


Children are bored, and politics is not their game. This time Barron was so bored he tried to clean his seat and than played with his water bottle.


During the inaugural walk , when the Trumps got out from the “beast” , Melania tried to hold Barron’s hand. His response was precious ! Not now MOM. He was probably feeling shy, after all the whole nation got eyes on them at the time.


Sitting next to his father, waving hands to his fans. Barron looked so happy, they even called his name.


The High-five *sike* with his Mom. Precious!


Sitting next to Trump telling him all excited , ” Dad, Dad, they’re coming”.


The photo of him with his Dad.

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Source: Uconservative

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